Most Common Questions


Where is your studio located?

Wetmore and 1st Ave, in the Walmart Shopping Center.

What if I don't have a partner?

No partner is necessary! You will get to dance with one of our instructors (and usually the learning process is even faster). A lot of our students come solo. Also, if you are attending group classes there is an opportunity of picking up amateur partner.

What should I wear?

Wear comfortable clothes you can move i. Yoga pants, sweat pants, shorts or wider skirts (for ladies) will work great.

If you don't have dance shoes, that's alright. Just make sure you wear comfy shoes that you can easily move in (not sneakers, athletic shoes, platforms or high heels/stilettos). You can pick up dance shoes and practice dance clothes later on if you wish.

How long is the lesson?

45 minutes for private lessons and 45 minutes for group classes.

What if I have danced before?

We teach all levels of dancers. We have instructors who work specifically with advanced and competitive dancers. IF you are an experienced dancer, we will evaluate your skills and design an education program specifically for you that will meet your personal goal.

How long does it take to learn?

That will depend on your goals, time dedication and learning abilities. If you are a beginner, the first goal will be to build a good foundation so you can feel comfortable on the social dance floor. Normally this takes 6-9 months. But like in any type of sport or art, there is no limit for improvement! It is going to be up to you!